Thanks to the advances in diagnostic screening technologies and therapy, the rate of breast cancer survivors has increased dramatically. However, those survivors face many changes that affect their lifestyle and change it dramatically from what they used to. Women who have survived breast cancer are interested in modifying their lifestyle to reduce the chances or recurrence and increase their overall health. If you are a breast cancer survivor, there are many things that you can do to adapt to the new lifestyle changes. With many studies showing the relation between the effects of lifestyle on recovery, this is very important.

Breast cancer has become increasingly common. With a record-high risk level, one in eight women is expected to develop breast cancer. Among the many lifestyle changes of breast cancer survivors are those related to the diet. Some types of vitamin supplements are often prescribed to breast cancer survivors. Many of those survivors have low levels of vitamin A which requires taking it in the form of a vitamin supplement. The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that breast cancer survivors use a multivitamin supplement with 100% of the daily recommended values. Whether vitamins should be derived from supplements or nutrition is currently not clear.

Green tea has also been recently recognized to have benefits for recovering breast cancer survivors. It contains many beneficial active ingredients that have polyphenols, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Lifestyle changes that breast cancer survivors are much more than dietary changes though. There are many physical and psychological changes to get used to. If you are a breast cancer survivor and trying to adapt to new changes in your life, knowing what to expect can be a significant step in the transition process. A good way to know what to expect is to take a variety of related quizzes offered by