If you use a wheelchair to get around — or roll with someone who does — Google has just made it easier to know what kind of accessible doorways, elevators, parking and seating you’re going to get when you arrive.

A new feature in Google Maps for Android (and Google Search results) lets you scan one of 7 million map locations for that information, or add those details if you know them and Google doesn’t.

How to find accessibility info in Google Maps

  • Search for the location on Google Maps (Android, desktop) or in Google Search (mobile)
  • Open the listing
  • Tap the description
  • Scroll to accessibility section

How to add accessibility info to Google Maps (on Android)

  • In Google Maps, open the main menu
  • Tap “Your contributions”
  • Tap “Uncover missing info”
  • Sort by “Accessibility”
  • Start adding missing info

You can also add accessibility info for a specific location from the accessibility section on any location listing (see above). Tap “Know what features this place has?” to add your own two cents.